Bishop Julian Rededicates our historic Harrison & Harrison Pipe organ!

On Sunday, April 24th, the Rt. Rev Julian Henderson, Bishop of Blackburn, conducted a Eucharistic Service at St. Silas Parish Church in Blackburn, to rededicate our recently restored 1904 pipe organ.

Our church was full and we were also very glad to welcome as Special Guests the Lord Leiutenant of Lancashire and his wife, Lord and Lady Shuttleworth. It was their first visit to St. Silas, and remarked what a beautiful Church we have; and expressed a wish to visit us again soon.

The organ was SILENT until after the Rededication by Bishop Julian, and until after the Gospel was read by one of our choir members, Jean Wilson.

Our organist then let fly with a magnificent Carillon, glorifying God and thanking Him for helping us to reach this happy day.

The Choir sang 2 short pieces; “I give you a new commandment” by Peter Aston; and “O Taste and See How Gracious the Lord is” by Vaughan Williams, with Carole Scadding as our Soloist.
We were glad to welcome old friends and new strangers, whom we hope will not remain strangers, but return again and again to St. Silas Parish Church!

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